Teenage Bloggers

There are so many teenage blogs that are yet to be discovered by this world. And so, I’ve decided to feature a few here which are my all-time favs? You could be featured here too if you are interested.  Just drop me a message at khorceline@gmail.com  .

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  1. daisiesandsunsets

    She’s a beauty blogger which I’ve recently discovered in Teenage Blogger Central. She blogs about her makeup choices and is just cool 🙂

    Visit her here.

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  2. DontBurstMyBubble

    She’s blogging on positivity and hope!! My cup of tea! Recently discovered as I keyed in the words: Hopeful Notes 🙂 She genuinely seemed like a hopeful person 🙂  And plus I like cursive writing, which is her blog’s font 🙂





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