About Miss 16

Photo on 11-6-15 at 10.46 AM

Me with my gal 🙂

~Silly, amateur yet relaxed blogger who has a stressful life and a good knack for worrying; who has a taste for good books, food and all sorts of crazy  stuff. Prepared to be sucked into this whirlwind of a perfectly abnormal Asian girl~


I’m an extreme book lover/bookworm and an active Wattpad user who goes crazy all the time.

How crazy you ask?

This kind of crazy: I’m lazy AND always find myself bored as though nothing in this world interests me anymore. As though life has no more meaning other than my sole unchanged hobby since I was born–Sleeping.

But that’s not true! I absolutely adore blogging here on Miss 16 as well as browse YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and my other social media (Oh yes, I have a life you know 😉 )

Plus, I’m super active in my school’s Chinese Orchestra, but I’m about to ‘resign’ in about one year’s time. I’m really lying not telling the truth when I say I’ve got nothing to do! I’m currently preparing for THE MOST important exam in my life (till now) SPMs! (equivalent to O-levels and SAT) . So that explains my strange time of posting.

I look average. I sing average. I do things averagely. In short, I’m just an average kind of girl. There’s one thing that I really really suck in-Sports. I hate P.E. and I really have no talent in sports, especially on the field! So this year, my goal is to be more active, run more, just move more… But so far, it hadn’t gone too well…

Talking about the bad stuff about myself, my fat fingers are a bit hard to control when typing on the keyboard, and plus the fact that I’m quite a moderate typer, my blog posts are usually not too long. Not unless I want to tell a story about my current happenings.

I blog randomly and at strange time intervals. My timing is terrible, and I usually type my blog posts when no one is watching (11pm to midnight) with a cup of tea. (this sounds scary) But there are still times where you can see me blogging at midday.

So, readers, here’s the thing: 

Get ready to be pulled into a world I live in-a world full of wonderful stories to tell and stuff to rant about. All this in THE blog of nothing-serious a.k.a. Miss 16 a.k.a. the blog of everything. Be sure to check in here with me to get your daily dose of random stuff 😉

ℵ Ms. 16 ℵ

P.S. Read my OTHER About Me here.



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  2. simpledimple · January 7, 2016

    I like your blog and I’ve enjoyed reading some posts. All the best in blogging 101. 🙂


  3. WorkFoodHome · January 12, 2016

    Love your blog! Wish blogging was around when I was 16! 🙂


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