College Student Rant

I’m now living in a college, going to uni! I finally feel like an adult(thogh I don’t act like one). Being away from home doesn’t always mean it’s freedom and more freedom: with freedom comes responsibility and with responsibilities come burderns.

I made quite a number of new friends and it’s like student exchange all over again, I’m actually thankful for going on a student exchange programme before because at least this time, making friends seems easier 🙂

Here, I just wanna say to you brat kids out there:

Be happy when you’re with your family, you’ll miss them when they’re not beside you.

Enjoy what you have, sometimes stuff other people have may seem tempting and itneresting, but you won’t necessary like it if you were given the same thing(even if you think you do)

To you uni brats:

Please love yourself, in every way possible: don’t drink too much-you kill your liver; don’t skip class- you kill your brain cells; don’t play music too loud in your dorm-you kill your eardrums (and others’ mood to study)

Study hard. Do Not Waste the money your parents spend on you. Ask questions if you do not get the lessons… Don’t be shy and keep it to yourself, there’s ALWAYS someone to help you: your peers, your seniors and lecturers!

Do your homework. They help in your understanding.

Drink coffee. It helps (unlike in Malaysia where I can actually sleep after having coffee)

I know it’s random, but I need to get it off my chest! There’s more ranting sessions and complaints to come so stay tuned (or not)

To reward those of you who read till the end, here are some pictures:


Group pic 1


Group selfie


Formal Dinner


Post formal dinner


Lab Coat giddy



  1. ctyooo · March 30

    take care of yourself over there 😢 miss you


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