2017: Uni Life

Hey guys,

Yet another long-time-no-see blog post.

I’m officially a uni student (well, foundation counts right? since I’m in campus :P) Anyway, I’m in New Zealand now, trying to make my way through the whole Kiwi lot and eventually settle down as a student.

I’m an InTeRnAtIoNaL student, and that makes things complicated.

One, I’m shy.

I suck at interacting with people, especially with Caucasians. Since we seldom find golden-haired perfection (you guys know which group I’m referring to) marching around back from where I came from, so yeah, being here makes me freeze in awe when interacting with the locals/foreigners with golden hair talk to me. Plus, the way Asians and Western people do stuff in daily life are so different.

a) We’re gonna be :0 when someone said “Bitch” or “F**k” in the midst of a sentence.

  But no, Westerners are TOTALLY FINE with that.

b) If you haven’t noticed, MOST (not all) Asians are not as party-crazy as Westerners (I’m referring to those in college)

c) Asians are too shy, honestly, and I hate that about us. We talk so little, and when we finally do, we said something that makes things awkward.

  Western people can chat about ANYTHING when they sit down.


***Change all the “we’s” and “Most Asians” to⇒ I (Miss 16) and there you have it: NERDY ME

Well, this week’s Ori Week, so I’m still kinda new to my new place (DUH) but hopefully things will change for the better in the following months. (FINGERS CROSSED)

Here’s my “remedy” for some of my problems, to change from standard Asian scholar way-of-living to the Western’s, without being in closeness to the Wrong Group of People (like anyone would like to know *rolls eyes*)

  1. Be open when others (no matter what hair colour, lol) come to chat with you, be yourself, no one will judge
  2. STAY away from the party crowd, it’ll be good for your studies. Once you settle down and wanna drink a little, buy it from the supermarket and invite a few of your GOOD friends to your room and celebrate. Refrain from going to the bar. (it’s my opinion, but you’re free to do what you like)
  3. DO not care what others think (Easier said than done) and just do what you wanna do, people with the same interest as you will soon flock to you.
  4. Be nice to everyone. How? Smile when they walk pass you, nod in their direction if you guys have spoken before.
  5. Try to make small talk, but don’t try too hard.

Well, that sums it up: Be yourself. (No. 5 is a bit hard to master)

Good morning. (Whatever!lol)

–>Rambling again, sorry guys!



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