Class Trip 5S1

To end our beautiful year, our awesome classmates (and some non-awesome ones who did not attend 😛 jkjk) planned a 3-day-2-night class trip which was very memorable for us.

Day One

Our trip started at 4 in the morning. So, I did not sleep very well that night, but meh, who needs sleep when you have a class trip waiting for you? Certainly not me! And when we got on the bus, we started Snapchatting like a mad cow…..before lying down to continue our beauty sleep. Then, at around 8am, we’ve reached a hawker store for our breakfast. A few of us had WanTanMee which costs RM4.50.

Then, we continued our journey to Sekinchan. The scenery was pretty ❤ We took a few really beautiful photographs:






You may notice there are 3 main destinations at Sekinchan, which I liked to call respectively:

  1. The Paddy Fields
  2. The Wishing Tree
  3. The Beach

In all, Sekinchan is a beautiful place suitable for pictures, but unless you’re willing to wake up early to witness the sunrise (or stay back late for the sunset), don’t go. There’s not much to see there.

Next, we went to KLCC aka Suria KLCC for shopping. Some of our classmates went into the PetroSains, but YiAn, Ywei and I decided to take a stroll around KLCC.


Group photo before we went our seperate ways 🙂 Credits to a Caucasian couple.img_0276

Tallest Christmas Tree in Malaysia (at Suria KLCC):img_0286img_0294

Tired, after a day’s walk:img_0293

Well, basically, we went walking around Suria KLCC, since all the stuff there are much too expensive for us to buy. And then, I checked my phone which stated that we walked 12km?! And we were like, “WHAT??!! WE SHOULD TOTALLY CALL KLCC OUR HOMES!!”

You really can’t imagine how sore our legs were after The Walk. It was terrible! We didn’t wanna get up everytime after sitting down, since it was too comfortable NOT standing up.

After that, we went back to our hotel. It was quite a day, but still, this being a class trip, our classmates insisted on making every night a class-reunion night: in which we (26? people) squeezed into a room meant for 3. Cool right?

Bear in mind that the reunion was made after each of us bathed, which was almost 11:30pm. Anyway, we played the game, Killer, and talked and joked around for a bit before someone mentioned it being too stuffy and late, then it was bedtime. img_0304

*all of the videos whilst we were playing can’t be uploaded since WordPress is too stingy 😛

Day Two

Sunway Lagoon Day.

Let’s just let the pictures do the talking first, shall we?

Ignore my closed eyes:


Post-breakfast, last check:img_0311





Group photo:img_0325

After taking the group photo, we basically just went our seperate ways. Oh yeah, the reason why our hand gesture in the photo was ‘1’ was because we were from 5S1. Classic 🙂

So, our group comprises SinJie, WanChien, YeeWei, PeiCing, YiAn, YeeJing, MingXin, XinJie and me. Quite a large group. So large that we got lost a few time whilst playing. Well, our plan was to finish off all the dry-land games before starting to play in the pool and slides.

So dry-land it was.

However, I had NOT prepared myself for the 1st game they chose: The ROcking Pirate Boat. MY GOD. I didn’t know what came over me, but I actually clapped my hands in glee and exclaimed:” Yay!” at that time. =.= My bad.Let’s just say, I’ve never even been on a freaking rocking pirate boat (well, once, but that was in a kiddie park during my kiddie times) and this particular one scare my guts out. We were still laughing and complaining when the safety thingys that keep us in our seats came down, mainly because of how tight it was pressing on us (our chest). Then, it started. OMG, we (except YiAn and YeeWei, cos they did not went on the ride) were okay at first, still fooling around, so we shrieked for fun. However, after rocking for 3 or 4 turns, we finally realized something was wrong. The ‘boat’ kept on getting higher and higher. When I thought it was gonna stop, no it just kept on getting higher. Until it was 90 degrees above the ground. Eventually, we stopped shrieking (even for fun, we were too scared to have fun) and just shut our eyes, thanking the god for making the safety thingys tight.

When we finally got down, everyone was like “WHAAAAAAT THE H***” then, yeah. We continued with the FREAKING Roller Coaster. Cool, no biggie. The ride was quite short, once again so, nothing to be afraid of. Just that it was quite a fast ride. Xin Jie, who was quite short complained that she almost flew out of the trailer. But I think it was just the play of her mind. People would kill for that feeling 😉

Then, we played the turning cups which was no fun at all before decided to ditch the Dry-Land (Cos the temptation of the water park was too big) and went to the Wetter Heaven 🙂 I did not go on the big slides and stuff, and waited for the ones who wanted to go on that turn. So, YeeWei, PeiCing and I just trotted around.

***Oh!! I forgot to mention, the blue shirt we were all wearing was our class t-shirt 🙂

When we finally found all the others, we were feeling hungry and headed for lunch. We were given RM15 lunch vouchers so we spent that on our meal 🙂

Lunchtime: img_0317

Scrumptious lunch, by the way, we made a big fuss over the small candy gift the staff gave  to us, as a free gift!:img_0319

*the chicken was terrible!

So, as the scaredy-cat I am, I only went on the kiddy rides at the Spongebob Squarepants Theme Park where all the slides are mini and not too heart-attacky 😛

My friends who are daredevils (or somewhat close to that) went on ALL the scary rides!!!! OM god!!!!

Anyway, after a whole afternoon of adrenaline-filled activities, we finally announced the end of our Sunway Lagoon adventure 🙂

Us, after bathing:


Bye Sunway Lagoon:img_0367


** By the way, these and YiAn, YeeJing, and Yee Wei are kinda like best buddies this years 🙂 Yup!

Then, at night, we went to Petaling Street to have our dinner. Everyone was clutching their bags so tightly, afraid of getting snatched by snatch thieves.

Small incident: A cockroach decided to go on an adventure beneath our tables and chairs and caused a commotion 😛 But after a young guy (about 10 years old who works as a waiter there) helped us to step on it (sorry cockroach 😦 ) everything went back to normal.

Here’s yet another group photo:img_0328

And another one at a different angle:img_0329

And tonight, there’s another group gathering at our place (our room). In which some of us talked about how we felt about this class. Most of them were already known facts, but the fact that we were all together on this amazing class trip was nice 🙂 We squeezed into one room (some were on the bed, most of us were on the floor) and enjoyed our last night together, albeit tired as hell!  JingYao (our class monitor, the one with the grey shirt in front of the table in the last photograph) even brought his pillow to our room just cause he was too sleepy, but as our class monitor, he was forced to give a brief speech to all of us 🙂 Lights Out at 1am.

Day Three


We started today with a trip to KLCC, then to the Science Centre. Both was boring 😛

Nothing to see at KLCC.

At the Science Centre, we climbed a mean flight of stairs and saw a few things. There was a heartbeat detector, and SinJie tried to raise our pulse rates by asking a few things:

  1. Are you in love with someone?
  2. Do you have someone in mind?
  3. Had someone confessed his feelings to you?


Here’s a blurry pic of me and my tablemate of 2015/6:img_0340

Makeshift spacecraft:


Tired legs:15419619_10206154544581198_3051362397659256304_o

Off to OneUtama:


My lunch:


Before we go, a Starbucks drink is necessary 🙂 Isn’t the cups festive :))))


And that marked the end of our journey 🙂

5S1 2016 closed for business.

Ended in Laughter and Happiness.


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