Killing me softly

So, a lot of things had happened in the past few weeks (or months) and I haven’t got the time to sit down and type a lengthy post for this blog 😦

Anyway, here’s another brief update on my life, it’s somewhat interesting nowadays when compared to before, but still boring in a sense that the same things happen now and again.

Without further ado,

  1. Graduation happened.14695466_1474439995906156_1380532675720560103_n
  2. I passed my IELTS with 8.5 (OMGGGGG, it’s still unbelievable to me!!)
  3. ielts
  4. Something romantic-ish happened.
  5. Exam’s coming.
  6. I have confirmed my study plans for next year and it involves going to another country. (Hurrah!)
  7. I can have my hair grown longer as of from now on!!!
  8. Braces are off!!


    Well, I’m not feeling very well at the moment due to many complications, some of which being EXAMs are near, heartbreaking happenings, secretive stuff I have to keep and, well, my always depressing mood after a short trip/break.

So, dear fellow readers, my advice is: sail through life and don’t give a damn about what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna happen anyway, so why not worry it when you come to that? ( I know, I know, it’s been said before, but I feel like saying this at the moment, so *SNARLS* WHY CAN’T I?!)

*Ms.16’s friend: Ignore my buddy at the moment, she’s a bit unusual and hormonal, forgive her for her stupidity.*


Ms. 16


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