Update: Life So Far

Hey guys,

It’s around our major exam (major-est of our life) this year, and we’re all super stressed out!

~Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days~

And we only finished our Trials a week ago! Talk about stress-control…==

Here are a few things I wanna talk about:

  1. Our song got chosen for the Graduation Thing!!
    • Our girl god composer/sound engineer made this happen! And we were enjoying every moment of the competition/performance we had last Friday, to let the teachers decide whose song should be chosen. And we were like,”Nah, we won’t get it.” Then, I was a bit remorse cause my guitar technique wasn’t that good, and that may cause the downfall of our performance. But our fellow group members were so supportive, love them all 🙂 So, on Sunday (or was it Monday?) we received a message that our song got chosen!!! OMG, thanks to everyone who voted on our song, though, we’ll try our best to make the song better.
  2. Starwalk
    • Last Sunday was Starwalk ( a walkathon in Penang), and it was the day where I catched my first bus and traveled my own ferry-ride, as well as sat the train back! I feel like a grown-up! Though, shout out thanks to our fellow school mate JW for accompanying us back, and  JW and CH for giving advice on public transport. Haha, it was a “hectic” experience, which comprises PC and I ( mostly me)  fretting over every small detail, whether the bus stop we went to is correct, or whether the train is on schedule.
  3. Badminton
    • Today, a few of my friends and I went to play badminton. And our hands hurt so damn bad!!  I can’t even clap my hands or hold my phone properly an hour after the session. But, it was cool getting to play after a few months of not playing, I was quite in form, to be honest, and mom said I did not bad:) But I still lack exercise 😦 Can’t get up from bed today at 6am to jog at the stadium cause of laziness and fatigue…..

And yeah, that’s that! My holiday so far! And my braces are finally off guys!! Woohoo!!




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