Whirling in Abyss


I’m in a part of my life, where everything seems to be of no interest to me.

Sad, alone, bored.

I’m lost in a seemingly never-ending whirlwind of darkness: where the wind blows, where I fall. Lost in the dark, lost in the wind.

I seem to have no mood to strive and fulfil my dreams, no passion to pursue the challenges in my life, no likes or dislikes to matters I once find intriguing or frustrating.

I’m whirling in an abyss, where the faded stars are my only consolation. The different hues of blues- that explains which minute of midnight it is at the moment-my only entertainment.

I’m like the dust shone by the blinding light of the tallest lighthouse-small and unimportant. Yet, I hope to one day be close enough to the source of light which defines me, to one day be the blinding light which define others once like me.

At this point of life, I have absolutely no confidence I can do so.

I’m whirling in an abyss, where no one sees me, yet I see them all so clearly.

I wonder when, will I ever escape from this strong gust of illusion and finally come to the light, where I want to be-where I was.

~Written by Ms. 16


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